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Research it (free article)

Learn the 15 questions to ask your client so you don't miss any important information to include in your case study.


Auto-generate it (free tool)

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Design it

Choose a template to create a professionally designed pdf for your case study.
Make it on-brand by replacing fonts, colors, text, links, and images.
(You'll also need to sign up to the free version of Canva)


  • 6+ templates

  • Lifetime access to current and future templates

  • The risk is on me: If none of the templates meet your needs, I'll either design one for you or give your money back

Jonathan Woodruff

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I enjoy constructing case studies like this one, but I realized that not every agency (A) wants to build a case study starting from a blank page or (B) wants to pay oodles of money for a case study service. That's why I created DIY Case Study so you have the power to create case studies quickly, on-budget, and more effectively.

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"Marketing guys tend to have a reputation of being a little pushy, but Jonathan was gentle and respectful with my client."
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